Today is Chinese New Year. The Year of the Horse is now over and as we reach the end of this lunar year, the first stage of my transition is now making way for the next phase, the real work, a life taking root and growing.

I apologize to my readers. So much has transpired since my last post, and even more that I needed to catch up on from last summer. I have not been able to keep up with my diary entries as things happened. Suffice it to, things have been going very smoothly. And, I promise to write about the three bus trips I took to visit my mom, dealing with the bathroom issue, my name change, changing my demographical data, the holidays, reconnecting with family, and having my secret discovered.

All of that in the past nine months. It has was a busy year. And, now I’m looking forward to sitting back and catching my breath and processing all that has happened. So, stay with me as I share with you all of the highs and lows.